About Us


SUPER SCIENCE TENNESSEE offers young students the opportunity to experience first-hand the wonders of science.

From EXPLOSIONS to BUBBLING POTIONS, from ATOMS to the PROPERTIES OF LIGHT WAVES, SUPER SCIENCE will introduce students to the wonders of the physical world.

Our INTERACTIVE EXPERIMENTS will teach, delight, and fascinate your students so that they hardly know they are learning science.

SUPER SCIENCE TENNESSEE was started in 2008 by RICHARD and EMILY ASKEY. Together they have created over 50 different workshops that aim to educate and entertain 3-12 year old’s with hands on science.

SUPER SCIENCE TENNESSEE has been to over 60 schools, 40 daycares, 25 libraries, 200 birthday parties, and been seen by over 10,000 children

Englishman ‘Mr RICH’ has worked in the educational entertainment field since graduating Martin Methodist College with a behavioral science degree in 2006.

A keen soccer player and coach Richard has coached youth soccer for 15 years and has served as Head Coach/player for the Nashville Metros, Inter Nashville FC, and Nashville SC in the NPSL. Richard currently coach’s at the Inter Soccer Club and still plays regularly.

Richard has been judge at the HEART Science Fair for the past couple of years and has been an instructor and Keynote Speaker for TECTA certification in Middle Tennessee.

Richard enjoys creating new workshops, riding bikes, playing soccer and spending time with his family.

Emily has worked in the childcare industry for 7 years in Savannah TN, and Murfreesboro TN. Emily is TECTA certified and enjoys reading and spending time with her niece Alexis. Emily brings energy, excitement, and knowledge to the classroom.

We have three children, Aurora, Keller and Izzy, we also have three dogs Puggers, Maui, and Remus.



Mr. Rich