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Super Science TN offers Inschool Fieldtrips starting at $6 per child with the price going down with multiple bookings or grades booking.

We spend one class period (45 mins-1 hour) with each class in your grade, we can come for one or two days, and best of all WE COME TO YOU!!!!!

All our Inschool Fieldtrips have a strong emphasis on STEM Principles and Concepts, and are tailored to the Tennessee State Science Standards.

Everything we offer is Extremely Hands On, Educational, Fun and Safe!

Most Inschool Fieldtrips include a take home experiment result for the children to encourage learning outside the classroom.

We also offer 1 hour Assemblies for up to 200 children starting at $250.

SUPER SCIENCE has visited over 100 schools, and 20 school districts in Tennessee and been seen by thousands of children over the last 11 years.

We look to bring Excitement and Education together with our Hands On Science Workshops held in the comfort of your classroom.

Workshops based on Tennessee State Standards

Kindergarten: Matter 1 – 5 Senses – Insects and Plants – Weather 1 – Magnet Building
Workshops and Covered Standards
  • MATTER 1 – Dry Ice, Slime, Giant Bubble – K.PS1.1, K.PS1.2, K.PS1.3
  • 5 SENSES – Rainbow Glasses, Taste Test, Playdough, Sound Box, Smell Test – K.LS1.3
  • INSECTS and PLANTS – Model of a Butterfly lifecycle, Plant Model – K.LS1.1, K.LS1.2, K.LS3.1
  • WEATHER 1 – Water Cycle, Clouds, Lightning – K.ESS2.1, K.ESS2.2, K.ESS3.1, K.ESS3.2
  • MAGNET BUILDING – Build a huge structure using Giant Magnets – K.ETS1.1, K.ET2.1
1st Grade: Lasers and Lights – Flowers and Leaves- Earth, Moon and Sun – Simple Machines
Workshops and Covered Standards
  • LASERS and LIGHTS – Light Waves, Laser Maze, Shadows – PS3.1, PS4.1, PS4.2
  • FLOWERS and LEAVES – Tie Dye Flower, Leaf Model – LS1.1, LS1.2, LS1.3, LS2.1, LS2.2, LS2.3
  • EARTH, MOON, and SUN – Solar System VR, Take-home Model – ESS1.1, ESS1.2,ESS1.3
  • SIMPLE MACHINES – Create and use the Simple Machines – ETS1.1
2nd Grade: Motion 1 – Sound Waves – Dragonflies and Live Insects – Natural Disasters – Cars
Workshops and Covered Standards
  •  MOTION 1 – Create a Catapult and measure Distance – PS3.1, PS3.2
  • WAVES – Theremin Fun, Sound Waves and Light Waves – PS4.1, PS4.2, PS4.3
  •  DRAGONFLIES and LIVE INSECTS – Make a Dragonfly, discuss Anatomy, Live Crickets and   Worms – LS1.1, LS1.2, LS1.3, LS2.1, LS2.2, LS3.1
  • NATURAL DISASTERS – Create an Earthquake, Volcano, Tornado and Tsunami – ESS1.1,   ESS2.2, ESS2.4
  • CARS – Design and Test a Vehicle – ETS1.2, ETS1.4, ETS2.1, ETS2.2
3rd Grade: Matter 2 – Magnets – Electricity – Ecosystems- Solar System – Weather 2 – Building
Workshops and Covered Standards
  • MATTER 2 – Explosions, Flubber, Lava Lamps, Smoking Soda – PS1.1, PS1.2,PS1.3
  • MAGNETS – Different Types of Magnets including Electro Magnets – PS2.1, PS2.2,PS3.3
  • ELECTRICITY – Tesla Coil Shocks, Build Circuits – PS3.1, PS3.2
  • ECOSYSTEMS – Dissect an Owl Pellet, Discuss Ecosystem, VR Fun – LS1.1, LS2.1, LS4.1, LS4.2, LS4.3
  • SOLAR SYSTEM –  Create a huge model of the Solar System and a Comet – EES1.1
  • WEATHER 2 – Water Cycle, Clouds, Tornados, Wind Speed, Air Temp – EES2.1, EES2.2, EES2.3, EES2.4, EES3.1
  • BUILDING – Create the Tallest and Strongest Building using various materials – ETS1.1, ETS1.2
4th Grade: Motion 2 – Food Chains – Fossils and Dinos – Space and the Sun – Rock and Minerals – Egg Drop
Workshops and Covered Standards
  • MOTION 2 – Test Distance, Resistance, Potential and Kinetic Energy – PS3.1, PS3.2, PS3.3
  • FOOD CHAINS – Discover and Explore Food Chains from an Owl Pellet – LS2.2, LS2.3, LS2.4, LS2.5
  • FOSSILS and DINOS – Make a Fossil, be a Paleontologist and have a VR Dino interaction – LS4.1
  • SPACE and the SUN – Make a Sun Dial, Satellites and Rocket  building – EES1.2
  • ROCKS and MINERALS – Examine Rocks, and make your own Candy Rock – EES2.1
  • EGG DROP – Creative and Collaborative design project – ETS1.1, ETS2.1, ETS2.2, ETS2.3
5th Grade: Matter 3 – Gravity – Hereditary Traits – Deep Space – Bridge Building
Workshops and Covered Standards
  • MATTER 3 – Dry Ice, Polyacrylate, Potions, Layering Liquids – PS1.1, PS1.2, PS1.3, PS1.4
  • GRAVITY – Collaborate on a Newton’s Run Gravity Trap – PS2.1, PS2.2, PS2.3, PS2.4, PS2.5
  • HEREDITARY TRAITS – Dissect a Frog and discuss animal Traits that are Hereditary – LS3.1, LS3.2, LS4.2
  • DEEP SPACE – Make a Comet and Discover the Constellations – EES1.1, EES1.2, EES1.3, EES1.5, EES1.6
  • BRIDGE BUILDING – Create an Uberstix Bridge – ETS1.1, ETS1.2, ETS1.3

These are just suggested workshops for each grade level and can be adapted for any grade. 

We can also customize any workshop to fit your specific needs and create new shows and workshops on request.

For more info feel free to contact Mr Rich at 615-589-1968 or at

Dear Mr. Rich, On behave of the 3rd grade class of Rock Springs Elementary we want to say “Thank YOU!”. We have had you visit us 2 and 3 times a year for several years now, and feel that you have really made a difference with your science skilled- based lessons. Our scores as a whole have been almost 20 points higher than the county, and feel that you have made a great reflection on this! You are very detailed and entertaining at teaching science skills. The spi’s have been covered and the children remember the great science projects that you present. I try to tell as many people as I can about you and your great assets that you bring to our school and classrooms. Your prices are very affordable and we never have to worry about making bus arrangements either! This is a big plus for teachers and their busy schedules. Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication to making our school even greater. You are where you need to be in science and again, thank you for sharing your wonderful ability with us! Sincerely, 3rd grade teachers of Rock Springs